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The Korean Pediatric Society


About us History

About us


1945Sep. 15 Established Joseon Pediatric Society (the former body of the Korean Pediatric Society)
1958Jan. 15 Published the first issue of academic journal “The Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatrics”
1960 Commissioned the pediatric specialist doctor system
1965Jun. 10 Created the society’s logo
1969 Commissioned the chairperson of board of directors’ system for a three-year term
1966Jul. 20 Enacted the Childhood Vaccination Schedule for the first time
1967Apr. Published a book for the Growth Standards of Korean Children
1970Apr. Published the Immunization Records of Children for the first time
1974 Received a contribution award from the Korean Medical Association for contribution in the campaign to eliminate neonatal tetanus
1979 Published the vaccination guidelines for the first time
1982Sep. Hosted the 4th Congress of the Asian Society for Pediatric Research (ASPR) in South Korea
1995Oct. Held the 50th-anniversary celebration ceremony of the society’s establishment (the 45th Fall Symposium)
2006Nov. 7 Declared the elimination of measles and received a Presidential Award as recognition of contribution toward measles elimination
2007Nov. 15 Commenced the physical examination of infants and children younger than six years
2009Mar. 1 Participated in the government-supporting program for mandatory immunization costs
2010Apr. 30 Conducted a proclamation ceremony for a new logo of the society at the 60th Spring Symposium
2012May, 17 Hosted the 8th Congress of ASPR (Asian Society for Pediatric Research) in South Korea
2017Oct. Conducted the vision proclamation ceremony of the Korean Pediatric Society
2018Nov. Appointed the board of directors along with Baik-Lin Eun as its 17th Chairperson and expanded the social contribution programs
2019Apr. 19 Held a Spring Symposium for environment-related subjects and a proclamation ceremony for the environmental health of children and adolescents

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